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September 21, 2010 9:46 AM | Anonymous

The Old Town Business and Professional Association (OTBPA) is pleased to announce a funding grant that makes possible our cost-effective marketing campaign for businesses throughout the entire city of Alexandria. Thanks to this partial funding from the Alexandria City Marketing Fund Committee and the Alexandria Convention and Visitor’s Association (ACVA), the OTBPA is offering businesses a holiday marketing campaign at exceptional savings. We have attached information for you to share with the members of your association to inform them of this opportunity.

Our 2010-2011 campaign features four-color pocket-sized booklets full of discount offers and incentives for Alexandria’s residents and visitors to spend their time and money in Alexandria. Our campaigns will compliment and coincide with the ACVA’s holiday campaigns and the city’s Buy Alexandria campaign. The residents of Alexandria have demonstrated that they appreciate our annual holiday booklets and keep them in their pockets and purses, using them for many months when making their purchasing decisions.

Our November 2010 Holiday Booklet will feature retailers and service providers. The 100,000 Holiday Booklets will be distributed throughout the holiday season--80,000 will be mailed to Alexandria residents, 10,000 mailed to Alexandria businesses to reach the folks who work in our city, and 10,000 will be distributed to Alexandria's visitors and shoppers through hotels, retail shops and the Alexandria Visitor's Center.

The January 2011 booklet will feature restaurants and our arts and entertainment venues. These 100,000 booklets will be distributed to consumers in the same manner described above. 

We are thrilled that the Alexandria City Marketing Fund and the Alexandria Convention and Visitor Association’s contributing funds for these projects make the cost to each participating business only $1,310 for 100,000 --- a little over one cent ($.013) for each advertisement per booklet! 

Based on the measurable results from our past holiday booklets, the OTBPA knows more than what this campaign "might do" to increase the revenues of our businesses, we know what it "has done" and what it "will do." Businesses have tracked the number of consumers who brought in their discount offers from the booklets and made a purchase. They know exactly how much revenue was generated and profits gained. Their success was measurable. That's why we are offering this again this year. It works!

For more information on how to benefit from the OTBPA Holiday Campaigns, your members should contact the campaign coordinator, Roger Parks, at 703-549-5126 ( Businesses are encouraged to maketheir space reservations now. 

For an example, click here.

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